Palm Beach Home Inspections, LLC, is the premier professional home inspection company. Our goal is to provide home buyers and sellers with a comprehensive inspection report that educates them on their home. We strive to give our customers the very best by paying attention to detail and surpassing the industry standards of practice. Our home inspection services include the following:

Full Home Inspection 
Wind Mitigation 
Four Point Inspection

A home is a significant financial investment so it is our duty to provide our clients with peace of mind so they can be comfortable with their decision. We work tirelessly to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied. Give us a call today if you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy home inspection company.

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Standard Inspection

A standard inspection includes all of the systems and components of the home

  • Structural elements: Construction of visible foundation, evidence of sagging or bowing of the structure, and window alignment.
  • Grounds: Slope and grading, proper drainage, and condition of the driveways, fences, and sidewalks
  • Roof: Condition of roof coverings, any repairs/patches to flat roofs, clear vents, damage to chimneys, the condition of the gutter system.
  • Exterior surfaces: Correct clearance between ground and siding material, condition of exterior paint or siding, and properly working lights and electrical outlets.
  • Attic: Sufficient insulation, proper ventilation, and any sign of leaking or water damage, termite activity
  • Interior plumbing: No damaged or leaking pipes, proper hot water temperature, as well as functioning toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers.
  • Electrical system: Condition and type of visible wiring, and proper function of circuit breakers, outlets, light fixtures, and distribution panels.
  • Appliances: Proper function of stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, washer and dryer.
  • Heating and cooling systems: Condition of the air conditioning, water heater, chimney, and fireplace.
  • Garage: Solid foundation, windows, ceiling, framing, and roof; working garage door opener; electrical system; and proper function of outlets.
  • Moisture intrusion: Signs of moisture in walls, ceilings, floors, attic space.

Wind Mitigation Inspections

Generally, a wind mitigation inspection is needed to determine which credits apply to a home. During a wind mitigation inspection, we will look for specific features and add-ons that can help reduce the amount of damage your home may suffer in the event of a hurricane or strong windstorm. Homeowners can receive substantial insurance discounts for outfitting their homes with windstorm mitigation features that withstand or are hurricane resistant.

4-Point inspections   

When you own or purchase an older home, rental property, or condo in Florida, you will likely need for a 4 point inspection before purchasing a homeowners policy. Most insurance companies will require a 4 point inspection when a home is 30 years or older.  You can get an insurance quote without an inspection. However, you will need an inspection before actually purchasing the policy. Each FL insurance company has slightly different guidelines on when a 4-Point inspection is required, so check with your insurance agent or carrier. A newer home does not need this inspection and is not required for a renters insurance policy. A 4-Point inspection looks at the 4 major systems (Roof, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC) in an older home.

Payment Option

You can conveniently make a credit card payment here or you can pay with cash, check, or credit card at the time of the inspection.